Takraw Hero is created to celebrate the Singapore  Heritage Game Jam 2020.

Takraw Hero is a frantic Sepak Takraw vs Zombies action game. Sets in post apocalyptic Singapore, the Sepak Takraw players are defending the land from zombie invasion. Using sepak takraw skills, they must push back the zombie's attack from infecting the land.


  • Use Left Click to aim, and release to send the nearest player to kick the ball
  • Pass the ball around the players' zone to build up the attack power
  • Hit high level zombies with high attack power to destroy them
  • The ball that touches the player ground will spread infection
  • Kicking the high power ball will cause explosion that will stun the player
  • A stunned player will not be able to play until recover

Game made in Unity, assets are made in Photopea.

Hope you Enjoy!

Made withUnity


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HELLO - so sorry - I had to attend to all the other participants first. I was so hooked onto your game - the mechanic was pretty fun and I played 4-5 rounds! I couldn't get the hard zombie on the bottom left cos it was so hard - but I enjoyed the difficulty! Physics of the ball seems to be inconsistent at time - but that's to be expected when it comes to these sorts of games. Thank you so much for making this - I hope you can polish it more!